Build CSS animations without coding.

Design beautiful CSS animations without diving into CSS3.

CSS3 is awesome!

Unleash your creativity.

Add style and dynamism to your landing page, documentation, blog post, or app, to reinforce written content.

Save time and money.

CSS3 is powerful but vast. No need to dive into it anymore or hire a dev to build animations for you. With CSSanim, you can design animations visually, then take the generated HTML and CSS, and plug it on your site.

Design complex animations.

Most tools offer you a selection of simple animations and allow grabbing their code. With the powerful Timeline-Based Editor, CSSanim goes one step further and allows you to design complex animation sequences.

Animate anything.

You can animate any animatable CSS property of text elements, primitive shapes, images, or custom HTML elements. If CSS3 supports it, CSSanim supports it as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Validating this idea before building anything is very important to me.

If you're willing to buy into it, you'll have the following benefits:

  • Massive lifetime discount
  • Be a member of an exclusive community on Discord
  • Ability to shape the product

If it doesn't end being up the tool you needed, I'll gladly refund the full payment.

Yes, I'm giving out 50 lifetime deals for now. First come, first served.

I'm planning to launch it in August 2022, and I'll be sharing weekly status updates on the private Discord channel.

You'll get a confirmation mail from Stripe. You'll also get one from me where I'll invite you to the Discord community.

Absolutely! There is a 7-day money-back guarantee after launch in case I can't deliver on my promise or it doesn't turn out the tool you needed.

My name is Robert Balazsi, and I'm a backend tech lead by day, and an indie maker by night.

I've built several tools such as DataGrab (a no-code web scraping platform), and NomadCoder (a job aggregator focused on remote programming offers), and I'm still actively developing them.

I'm active on Twitter, but you can also reach me via email. Just drop me a message at